Monday, 7 July 2014

June Joys_2014

Assalamualaikum and Good Day to all.

June is always the month that brings joy to us at Chinonets Cuppies.

School break.
More time with kids.
More cakes to be baked.
*cheeky face*

We weren't able to post any updates, so, here are the pictures 

 of our recent projects especially this year's June.


First and foremost, June was special this year (and every year) because it was (as it alsways is) our first son's birth month.

This year we baked him a simple vanilla sponge cake which was decorated with fresh lemony cream and topped with fresh raspberries

As his other birthdays, this year it was during the school holiday too.
Irfan and his younger brother had been sent earlier that week to their grandmother's house in Damansara to help her with her daily chores.

We didn't tell him that we were coming, and it was a day earlier that we came, so he was quite surprised to see us coming to the house with the cake. 

Oh, how we loooove giving surprises to our kids. Aaaand to our customers as well. 

Vanilla sponge cake

in fresh lemony cream

and fresh raspberries
Berrylicious, indeed.


Then, we were involved with the ex-BENL (Batch 1994-1999) sisters' 
mini gathering at Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi.

This Berrylicious was ordered by Dr Zulida and 
was served to those who were present during the mini gathering.

It was a very tasty butter cake decked with lemony fresh cream and fresh strawberries

There were a lot of oooohhhsss and aaaaaaahhhsss when they indulged themselves with a slice or two of this cake.
(You know you shouldn't be bias, but this one is really not! :))

Fresh strawberry slices

decorated with dollops of lemony cream cheese 

and fresh cream

and topped with HUUUUUGGGEEE fresh strawberries.

It was just (again) BERRYLICIOUS!!!


Cream cheese chocolate marbled brownies.
Yeah, the name is pretty loooooooong to be used, but then again, 

It is really suitable for the 
super delicious, super creamy and super cheesy brownies.

This was ordered by Jun for both her daughter and herself.

Happy Birthday to both of you, dears! :)

CCMCB with Edible Image


 Kak Ani was Dokte's colleague when 
he was working at a school canteen a few years ago.

When we got to know that Kak Ani's daughter was getting married, 
we suggested something special for Ena's wedding day, 
a 3-tier chocolate fondant cake.

Although this was our very first 3-tier chocolate fondant cake,
we tried very hard to ensure that the cake tasted good
and looked good too.

Alhamdulillah, we received very good responses from Kak Ani and her daughter.

We pray that both Ena and Shah (and every one in Kak Ani's family)
be blessed with more rizqi and barokah
in this life and in the hereafter. Ameen.

3-tier Chocolate Fondant Cake

 and Chocolate Cupcakes decorated in buttercream.

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day Cake Orders-Rainbow Cakes

Assalamualaikum wbt.,

This year's Mother's Day was filled with so many activities. 

The kids prepared 'breakfast' - simple sandwiches for their mom, the whole family went out, had lunch together and basically the mom decided NOT to do anything that she has to on her ordinary days.

But, she made sure that the customers' cakes were baked and delivered/picked up. :)

Last week, there were 2 Red Velvet cakes. 

One was ordered by Rose for her mother in law.

And the other one was ordered by our regular customer, Anne for her friends who were celebrating their birthdays and Mother's Day.It was a very rich and creamy Red Velvet cake, and it was very suitable to celebrate two very important days in their lives.

Although they look 'fragile',
none of the roses fell off. Pheewwww! 

Those orders were given 3 Red Velvet cupcakes in plastic containers with dome covers FOR FREE, since this month, whoever orders a 1-recipe Red Velvet cake, they deserve the free gifts. Just a great way to say "I Love You" to whoever receiving the cakes! :)

These were just some samples that we had in the CC photo gallery.
Unfortunately, due to aging reasons, the baker forgot to snap any pictures of the free gifts! Pfffrrrttt!

So, we hope that everyone, especially moms enjoyed their day as much as we did. 

We pray that all moms will be granted good health and wealth and be blessed with abundance 'rizqi' in this life and in the hereafter.

Al-Faatihah to my late 'mak' Hjh Salbiah Bt Hj Ahmad Shukor and my late 'ayah' Hj Md Zin B Hj Md Yassin. May Allah grant them the al-Jannah. Ameen! :)

If you have any cake orders to place, please fill in this Order Form. To enquire, send your e-mail(s) to 

Thank you! :)

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

May Orders

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

It has been a very hectic day, with meetings, cake baking, bday celebrations and what-nots.

We will update more whenever we have the time to do so. 

For the time being, enjoy viewing these:

A Fruit Cake for Masarrah's mom who is craving for it. :)

A Rainbow Cake for Adriana
and was brought back to their hometown in Muar.

A good friend of mine ordered it to celebrate her kids' and her sister's kids' birthdays.

This one was for the mother-daughter's birthdays. It was a double celebration. :)

We are so glad that we were part of those big celebrations! :)

If you wish to place your order(s), fill in the Order Form.
To enquire, send your emails to

We have to pen-off now.
Thank you very much!

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mini Cakes ala Chinonets Cuppies


Our regular customer, Anne requested for two simple types of mini sponge cakes from us. 

Today was the final day 
for one of her kids' teachers.

So, we managed to come up with these two:

(36 pieces mini cappuccino sponge cakes,
in cappucino-flavoured cream & oreo halves)
The smell will definitely wakes you up.

(36 pieces mini lemon sponge cakes,
in lemon-flavoured cream & Kit Kat Cuts)
The taste will definitely 'kill' you.

The next ones are other variations 
of the mini cakes:

(36 pieces mini lemon sponge cakes, 
in lemon-flavoured cream only).

(36 pieces mini lemon sponge cakes, 
in lemon-flavoured cream)

So, if you wish to order, please fill in the Order Form.
To enquire, send your emails to

Thank you 
Have a nice Labour Day Holiday (01052014) Malaysians!

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Chocolate Indulgence Cake Recipe


To bake or not to bake. That's the question. 

Picture Courtesy of:

I received a few requests on Chocolate Indulgence and Black and White Russian cakes. I have got the recipes but being a 'part time' baker, it is quite difficult to juggle between my job at the office and baking new (for me) types of cakes. But, I will try. I will first, try to order it from you.

I envy those who could do this as a full time business. I respect those who worked for it and succeeded in doing so. I am not yet ready for this huge commitment as my passion in teaching is still burning. But, insyaAllah one day. Who knows but Allah. :)

Ok, while waiting for MY Chocolate Indulgence cake to be baked (which I don't know WHEN it will ever be!), you can copy the recipe that I took from this blog and create your own Chocolate Indulgence cake. :)


Sponge cake:

5 eggs (grade A)
170g castor sugar
1 1/2 tbsp chocolate emulco
Sieve together 50g plain flour, 50g cornflour, 50g SRF, 20g cocoa powder
(SRF - Self Raising Flour! Haha)
25ml corn oil


2 tbsp instant coffee powder (mixed with 15 tbsp milk)


750ml Whipping cream
165g dark chocolate (melted)
165g white chocolate (melted)

Chocolate topping:

150ml whipping cream
350g dark choc (chopped)
1 tsp butter (melted)


150g rich whipping cream (whipped)
some snow powder
9 inch loose base tin
9 inch round tin


Line and grease 9 inch cake tin.
Preheat oven 180 celcius.
In a mixer, whisk eggs and sugar at high speed until thick and creamy.
Add in emulco.
Using a metal spatula, fold in sieved ingredients.
Lastly, fold in oil.
Pour into prepared tin and bake for 40 minutes.
Split cake into 4 layers.
Brush with syrup on surface.


Whisk cream until slightly thickened. Take out 250g.
Place into a bowl.
Quickly stir cooled melted dark choc into the cream and white choc into the 500g cream.
Divide white mousse into 2 portions.


Heat cream over simmering water.
Add in chocolate and stir until smooth.
Add in butter.

To assemble cake

Place a layer of cake in a 9 inch loose base tin. 
Spread a portion of white choc mousse, top with a layer of cake, spread with dark choc mousse, top with cake.
Chill overnight.
Spread the whole cake with a thin layer of whipped cream.
Refridgerate cake until set.
Place cake on a wire rack, pour over choc topping and decorate with snow powder.


I know, I know. It is a very enduring process but I strongly believe that you are soooo going to love your own creation once it is there in front of you. Happy indulging yourself in the cake. 

If you managed to bake it (and that is because you somehow benefited from this blog) and would like your creations to be published here, send your pictures to 

Until then, muahs! :)

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Rainbow Cookies Recipe

Assalamualaikum and Good Day!

It has been raining since early morning today and I had two classes to attend to. 
I also had to set a Mid Semester Exam paper, as well as a few other 'Top Secret' office tasks that I need to settle before this week ends. 

While trying to get some ideas to start working on those tasks, I came across this recipe (WOOWWW.. from getting ideas to complete tasks, to getting the recipe! Lol!) 

I think the cookies will be EVERYWHERE this Aidilfitri (a religious holiday celebration for Muslims to mark the end of their 30-day fasting). 

I got the recipe from my 'sifu's' page. This was the first time I got to know about one of the ingredients to make cookies crispy, EMPLEX!
No wonder my cookies are a bit gooeeeeeyyyy all these years. 

So, here it is, the recipe for Rainbow Cookies or in Malaysia, 
it is also known as BISKUT LIDAH KUCING 
(Direct translation: Cat's Tongue Cookies. Errr..euww! Hehe).

Picture Courtesy of Google


250 gm butter ( Anchor or SCS, or Buttercup)
175 castor sugar
200 gm flour
50 gm cornflour
1/4 tsp emplex 
100 gm egg whites (from about 4 eggs)

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple food colourings 


Sieve  flour, cornflour and emplex
Cream butter and sugar at high speed
Add egg whites and continue mixing it at low speed
Fold in the flour mix, using a spatula
Divide the batter to 6 ~ and colour them in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple)
Put them into 6 different piping bags.
Squeeze the batter onto the rainbow cookie mould, beginning with one colour followed by the others

Bake for 15 minutes at 160C

So, if you ask me whether 
I am going to bake this, this Aidilfitri? 
I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I am just going to enjoy it at your houses. 

If you managed to bake it after getting the recipe from this blog, do send the pictures of your wonderful creations to so that I can share them here. :)

If you wish to order cakes/cupcakes/cakepops/brownies/other desserts, fill in the Order Form. To enquire, send your emails to 

Thank you and have a nice (rainy) day! :)

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cream Cheese Marbled Chocolate Brownies_2204204

Assalamualaikum & Good Day!

 I don't know whether it is the cream cheese or the chocolate brownies or the walnuts that makes people order and repeat their orders for CCMCB. 

But one thing for sure, we REALLY LOOOOVEEEE the smell of it when it is still in the oven. 

 Can you imagine the creamy, chocolaty & nutty aroma lingering in the kitchen, at the hall and slowly yet successfully slipping into the bedrooms? It was surely difficult for us to sleep last night! 

I haven't started talking about the HEAVENLY taste!

I even dreamed about it! Sigh.

This doesn't need any extra 'touch up'. Full stop.

Ikmal was the one who kept on asking whether I baked extra. 
Too bad. It was too late, and I was too tired. 
I even received one last-minute order from a friend of mine, Nor. 

So, I had to answer "No" to Ikmal and he went to bed WITHOUT getting a piece of CCMCB last night. And I hate to disappoint him. :(

This was for Nor who made
the 'last-minute' order at 8.40 p.m.

Thank God I had extra cream cheese last night.

The next one is for a mother-daughter duo from Puchong.

She likes the cheesy brownies and
her daughter likes to watch Elsa & Anna in Frozen.
So, I combined the two ideas and came up with
the CCMCB with the Frozen-themed edible image.

You can't help but to smile back. :)
I ordered the edible image from Nurul of
You can rest assure that she will come up with quality edible images.

Earlier this afternoon somebody asked me if I bake Black & White Russian cake. I haven't so far. But who knows, I might do so one day.

Need to ask Mr Gugel for the recipe and Mr Yutiub for the demo video. 
I think I will do it tonight. 

Or I might end up not doing anything but baking MORE CCMCBs! :D

Till then, guys. 

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Monday, 21 April 2014

2014 Teachers' Day Promotions (KL/Selangor/Nilai only)


 Why don't we celebrate this year's Teachers' Day with this. 

 For every purchase of an 8" (1 recipe) 
Red Velvet cake,

(Sample Deco 1)

(Sample Deco 2)

Or, you can opt for any other deco designs.

You are entitled to receive 
3 (three) Red Velvet cupcakes 
in plastic containers with dome cover 

(Sample Cupcakes Without The Dome Cover)

(Sample Cupcakes With The Dome Cover)

Send your THANK YOU TEACHERS wishes 
by sending them these cake n cupcakes.  

 To order, simply fill in the 
To enquire, send your emails to 

Terms & Conditions apply. 
Thank you. :)

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2014 Mother's Day Promotion (KL/Selangor/Nilai only)


EVERYDAY is our Mothers' Day, definitely. 

But, to honour our mothers more, 
why don't we surprise them 
with one (or two) of these. 

 With every purchase of Chocolate Moist Cake (2kg, fully covered in Chocolate Rice)
(extra decoration may vary)

(Sample Deco)
You are entitled to receive 
3 (three Chocolate Moist Cupcakes, 
with wafer flower and 
butter cream leaf decorations 
in plastic containers with dome cover) 
as a way to say 
"I LOVE YOU" to your Mothers.

(Sample Deco 1)
To order, simply fill in the 
To enquire, send your emails to 
Terms & Conditions apply. 

Thank you and Happy Mother's Day! :)

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